Annual Global Conference 2023

20 June 2023

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Welcome to our 3rd Annual Global Conference, the AGC3

This rapidly growing event brings together legal experts and senior media decision-makers from around the world. The AGC3 will provide the opportunity to listen to thought-leadership sessions, build relationships with your peers and engage with CEOs, Founders, Investors as well as Senior Lawyers with commercial and legal solutions specifically designed to support media industry.

Our high-profile speakers will discuss the latest developments, trends and challenges in media law. The AGC3 will bring a panel of publishing and broadcasting legal and commercial experts, providing insight into recent case law as well as the implications for freedom of expression in the UK arising from the Online Safety Bill and the National Security Bill. Our four-member panel will also discuss anticipated developments around data protection regulation and SLAPP lawsuits.

Topics this year will range from ‘Cutting edge current issues in the UK media law landscape’ to ‘Key trends in Russian advertising legal system’ with speakers from across the continents. The conference will be hosted on a sophisticated platform with a range of features including booths for sponsors and speakers. Delegates will have the option to watch sessions live or on-demand for 30 days after the event day. The conference will offer an immersive 3D experience, with hall, lobby and auditorium access for all delegates.

Advisory Board

The AGC3 has established an Advisory Board with members from around the world, including the UK, Germany, Poland, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey, Mexico, the UAE and the US.

Our Advisory Board Members include in-house counsel from Meta, Kantar, Sony Pictures, The Sun, The Guardian,, PATE as well as leading law firms Charles Russell Speechlys, Dentons, SheppardMullin, Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek and Gorodissky & Partners.

Our international Advisory Board Members share professional perspectives on the most relevant topics for inclusion in the AGC3, allowing us to produce a high-profile event addressing topics of global importance to the media community.

About Media Law International

Media Law International (MLI) is an independent publishing business producing legal research across 56 jurisdictions. We deliver detailed rankings of law firms and insight into the world’s leaders in media law.

MLI was founded in 2012 with an exclusive focus on media law. Our comprehensive research programme involves in-depth analysis of law firm capabilities, market presence and sector specialisations.

The MLI team has worked rigorously over the past decade to ensure the highest standards in research and rankings production. Our exhaustive, qualitative research allows us to identify leading firms and individuals based on depth of expertise and complexity of work, presenting firms to a global media audience.

In addition to the annual global guide, MLI produces a series of resources for law firms and media companies, including a bi-monthly e-Zine and on-demand Legal Practice Guides. MLI also produces the Annual Global Conference series, a business and legal event that brings together brilliant minds to a single platform, sharing expertise and insight into one of the world’s most dynamic industries.

Why you

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  • Hear from global leaders on the latest media law developments worldwide
  • Connect with GCs, CEOs, partners, lawyers and other senior industry figures from media companies around the world
  • No travel required - enjoy this event while working from home
  • Watch online presentation live, or on-demand
  • Download valuable material to access later or share with colleagues
  • Chat live with Industry experts and partners

Conference Agenda (all times in BST)

Press Law and Regulation

09:30 - 10:30 (BST) Panel: The Rise of New Regulations

Kinga Incze, Founder of (Hungary, UK)
Hamish Sandison; dual-qualified lawyer; chairman of Mediaspace (UK)
Tim Cowen, Chair, Antitrust Practice, Preiskel & Co LLP (UK)
Diane Perlman, Director, Branding Matters (UK)

The internet disrupted linear media and publishing and new global digital platforms - search; social media; streaming and upcoming web3 – keep forming market reality. With the rise of new regulations to make digital a better; safer; privacy-safe; plural space with fair competition; regulation; consumer protection; freedom of speech; taxation and so on; new regulations are born. EU is pioneering but US and other countries are also leading the way. It’s not only the legal frameworks changing but regulatory bodies; trade associations and the media and advertising industry need to collaborate more than ever.
Our professionally diverse expert panel will discuss the challenges and opportunities of the new; digital driven regulations; hosted by MLI partner; the global social platform for leading professionals in media; marketing; tech and regulation.

10:40 - 11:40 (BST)

Cutting Edge Current Issues In the UK Media Law Landscape 

Gill Philips, Director of Editorial Legal Services; The Guardian (UK)
Dominic C Harrison, Head Lawyer; Programme Compliance; Channel 4 (UK)
David Attfield, Head of Programme Legal Advice; the BBC (UK)
Adam Cannon, Director of Legal; The Sun (UK)

This session will look at some of the cutting-edge current issues in privacy; data protection; defamation and open justice as they affect the UK media landscape. It will offer insights and expertise from four in-house media law experts across the publishing spectrum; looking at recent case law and other developments. It will discuss the implications for freedom of expression in the UK arising from the online Safety Bill; the National Security Bill and anticipated developments around data protection regulation and SLAPP lawsuits.

11:50 - 12:40 (BST)

Irish defamation reform: SLAPP, AI and privacy by the back door

Karyn Harty, Head of Litigation; Dentons (Ireland)
Lesley Caplin, Dentons
Neil Brady, CaliberAI
Jessica Ní Mhainín, Index on Censorship

Against the backdrop of proposed reform of defamation law in Ireland, this session will shine a spotlight on a number of the proposed new measures. The discussion will cover SLAPPs and what can and is being done to tackle them in Ireland, and will include a lively discussion on the case for AI in the context of defamation and risk.

12:40 -13:40 (BST)

Lunch Break

Digital Content and Advertising

13:40 - 14:10 (BST)

Greenwashing and Environmental Claims in Advertising: A Legal Perspective

Bilge Derinbay, Partner, Copyright, Advertising, Media and Entertainment Law and Personal Data Protection Law; NSN Law Firm (Turkey)

This session will assess the use of environmental claims in advertising under the framework of political consumerism, scrutinizing greenwashing practices and their impacts in Turkey landscape. It will contain insights and examples on greenwashing as a marketing tool, while contemporary legal regulations and decisions issued by the Turkish Advertising Board and competent authorities in EU pertaining to environmental claims will also be addressed. The discussion will encompass the effects of greenwashing on sustainability practices, from the standpoint of both advertisers and consumers.

14:20 - 14:50 (BST)

Key trends in Russian advertising legal system

Ilya Goryachev, Senior Lawyer, Gorodissky & Partners Law Firm

The presentation will focus both important updates in advertising regulations in Russia as well most important issues in advertising for non-Russian companies, accompanied both local specifics and interesting recent advertising law cases

  • New requirement for on-line advertising;
  • Comparative advertising and how to support it;
  • Language requirements in advertising;
  • Local issues of ethical requirements in advertising;
  • Use of trademarks and other IP in advertising.

15:00 - 15:40 (BST)

Conversational generative AI – like ChatGPT – is going to upend your business

Ken Herron, Chief Growth Officer; UIB Holdings Pte. Ltd (US)

Joe Gravante, CEO and Co-Founder; Union Studio (US)

Is ChatGPT safe? Legit?? Legal?!

The increasingly mainstream technology of conversational generative Artificial Intelligence like ChatGPT –1 depending on what websites you read – will steal your job, your business, and your spouse. While ChatGPT is not yet able to take out the trash, the AI tool is no longer science fiction and is permanently changing the way we work, akin to calculators in the 1970s and PhotoShop in the 1990s.

This session will separate the hype from the reality. Ken Herron and Joe Gravante will tell you what you need to know about this new technology that has captured C-levels’ attention worldwide. They will explain what the technology does, review its capabilities and limitations, and show you how your business and clients can begin using it, right now! This session includes a live, interactive demo.

15:50 - 16:50 (BST)

Financing opportunities in Africa for Content and B2B Co Production

Isioma Idigbe, Partner, Punuka Attorneys & Solicitors
Steven Markovitz, Producer

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Gill Philips

Director of Editorial Legal Services,

The Guardian

David Attfield

Head of Programme Legal Advice,


Adam Cannon

Director of Legal,

The Sun

Dominic Harrison

Head Lawyer, Programme Compliance,

Channel 4

Karyn Harty

Head of Litigation,


Ilya Goryachev

Senior Lawyer,

Law Firm Gorodissky & Partners

Ken Herron

Chief Growth Officer, UIB Holdings Pte. Ltd

Joe Gravante

CEO and Co-Founder,

Union Studio

Kinga Incze


MediaSpace & Whitereport

Hamish Sandison



Tim Cowen

Chair, Antitrust Practice, Preiskel & Co LLP

Diane Perlman

Director, Branding Matters

Lesley Caplin


Neil Brady

CEO & Co-Founder of CaliberAI

Jessica Ní Mhainín

Index on Censorship

Isioma Idigbe

Partner, Punuka Attorneys & Solicitors

Bilge Derinbay

Partner, Copyright, Advertising, Media and Entertainment Law and Personal Data Protection Law,

NSN Law Firm

Steven Markovitz


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